Taylor’s Birthday

Whapp. Wham. Powie. Kapow. SPLATT. 
Holy painted landscape, Batman.

Taylor, Tanner and 13 friends had a paintball war for Taylor’s 11th birthday. Gathering at daybreak, we trekked to Wacky Warriors paintball. We had the entire place to ourselves. Spent the morning getting in rounds of paint ball battles between thunderstorms. It was a great day targeting each other, sometimes actually hitting someone, and sloshing through the mud. The mud and rain made for a memorable experience not soo to be forgotten.

Happy 11th Birthday, Taylor.

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Tanner looks great in a suit. I can picture him as a powerful influence in this world and navigating lifes stormy moment with ease. Perhaps these picks illustrate what I see in him.  Or maybe I am just a prowd Dad.  

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Rev's River City Rusty

Rusty joined our family 4th of July weekend 2010. We spent our summer vacation at our cabin at Island Park, ID and drove up to Bozeman MT to get our newest family member. Rusty is all bird dog and full of life. When not rough housing with the kids, chasing birds in the back yard, snuggling with Laurie, Rusty is running with me or disrupting conference calls. Rusty has brought a lot of love to our home.

Check out www.TrueGritBrits.com for Rusty’s roots. Montana’s Rusty Little Pants and Deseeker Lone River Revelie are Rev’s River City Rusty’s  parents. 

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As of June 2011, http://truegritbrits.blogspot.com/ still has a chronically of Rusty’s first 8-weeks from birth to near the time we picked him up. Check it out. Rusty was called “Black”

I love this picture of Taylor among the Geese in the lot across the street from our house.

Getting serious about training for a 1/2 marathon. Check out my runs at Garmin Connect – Click for Details.

Memorial Day 10K Run

This years focus is areo dynamics. Fewer frills, high thrills.

Built for Speed.

Lots of fun this summer while on vacation in Utah, Idaho, and South Dakota.